Paintings by Mies

Welcome at the unique collection of hand painted works by Mie-is. Have a look at the ‘shop-page’ or browse my former work under ‘portolio’.

Painting with oil is a technique that requires patience and attention. Each piece is made with emotion.

About me

Who am I?

Love for art is actually like other things in life that matter: it grows. The longer you love it and give it enough attention, the greater your love will be. A work of art is the opposite of a disposable product. Because art matters to me, I also wanted to make art myself. Every time I try to make my best work ever. Each piece is made with emotion. I’m trying to make something that moves you, that can move you, that you can enjoy; what can fascinate you, or where you can dream or swoon away. I strive for perfection and continuously train and improve myself. That is a natural process.

What you like says something about you. But then what? No one but you can interpret that.


Man or a woman? In daily life, he is tough and fierce; but right now feminine and tender. I really want to be with you. Isn’t he lovely?


Welcome in the discotheque! Anything goes. Everyone is free. This painting and the individuals portrayed are inspired by the groovy sixties and dazzling seventies.

There is no envy… no vice… There is just the discotheque.


The night is long. We have been dancing for hours. And there she is. Shining like an angel. She is perfect.


This picture shows a vision of a woman. Proud, distant, almost regal and radiating. Her elongated neck sets her above mere mortal men. You can but wonder, what is she thinking…