About me

My work is about things that matter in life: love, nature, struggling, acceptance and beauty. Life is valuable. The positive energy I feel is expressed in each and every piece of art I make.

About me

Why art

Love for art is much like other things in life that matter: it grows. The longer you love a great work of art, the more intense your love will be. A piece of art is the opposite of a disposable object. Because art matters I wanted to make art. I try to make my best work ever with each work I make. Each piece is made out of emotion. I try to make art that evokes emotion within you, that moves you, that you can enjoy, that can interest you and in which you can dream away. I strive for perfection. I keep training and practicing. It comes naturally.

What you like says something about you. But what does it say? Only you can explain this.


My story

My (artistic) development and life story

I received my first price for the best drawing as a four year old. The teachers noticed a talent for painting. They advised my parents to put me in drawing classes. I was a child with a very rich imagination. I didn’t want any interference in my drawing process. I also didn’t want to restrict to drawing. I experimented a lot: with fashion, furniture and paintings.

As child I did dream of playing the guitar. I did that for years with a lot of devotion. I played 8 years in an orchestra. When I reached a ceiling of what you can do as amateur the challenge and fun was gone.

In my teenager time I didn’t have much up with the traditional female role. I wanted to be an independent woman making her own money. The insecure life of an artist didn’t appeal to me. Thanks to my law study I could take care of my own whereabouts and contribute to society. I did interesting work for years legal and political (ancillary) positions. I have always been very committed to my career, andlooked for the right moment to start creating. It felt like a threshold was getting higher and higher…

When Chris and I met each other I felt so much energy and inspiration. He was enthusiastic about my interest in creativity without being critical about my first tryouts. With the help of books, online classes and masterclasses of Cornelis Le Mair I improved my skills in painting with oil. I often believe that there is room for improvement. I consider that as optimism. Sometimes I find it hard to finish. Since I am aware of that, it keeps getting better. Like Cornelis says: ‘don’t paint it broken’. In my words: ‘imperfection is beautiful’.

I am grateful for all the support and positive response. Especially from my parents, who have always supported me in whatever ambition I pursued.

The process

About the making process

Some people paint to relax. I paint because I have ideas that I want to realize. The proces of creating a masterpiece is as follows: I have an idea that transcends from a feeling. I want to depict that, but how? I try to find the right inspiration. Usually I make a selection of about 5 to 60 pictures or videos which I use to support my idea. I combine details of these images to form a design in my head. Then I make a sketch on prepared canvas or wood. I apply at least three layers of paint. In the first layer of acryl paint I apply one color. A second layer with 4 colors follows. To finish I apply one or more layers of oil paint. With each layer the painting becomes more detailed and refined. Painting is a play of light and darker colors, accents and details.

De lower layers of acryl paint ensure a good attachment for the oil paint. The lower layers also ensure more depth in the painting. Because I work in layers I don’t need to use black to create the optical illusion of black.

I believe you are as good as your last work. Each time I try to make my best work ever. I endeavor beauty with meaning and feelings. Something durable that stays with you. The longer you look at the painting the more you discover. That is why it never bores. It stays interesting and keeps surprising. A painting gives a feeling of coming home. Al my works are made with much care and attention. They last for at least a lifetime.