A space can lack something. It can be filled with pieces of furniture and still feel empty or cold. A good piece of art can provide for a feeling of satisfaction: it makes your space human, personal and complete. It can be the reason for starting a conversation.

Love for art is much like other things in life that matter: it grows.

Welcome in the discotheque! Anything goes. Everyone is free. This painting and the individuals portrayed are inspired by the groovy sixties and dazzling seventies.

There is no envy… no vice… There is just the discotheque.


Welcome on Paintingsbymies! 

Man or a woman? In daily life, he is tough and fierce; but right now feminine and tender. I really want to be with you. Isn’t he lovely?


This picture shows a vision of a woman. Proud, distant, almost regal and radiating. Her elongated neck sets her above mere mortal men. You can but wonder, what is she thinking…


Chairs, in particular old baroque chairs were the centerpiece in many households. They were present for the lords and hopefully also ladies of the house to sit and relax. But when alone, what do you do in chairs but dream …


Woman have for millennia been a focus of mocking, sin and seen as causes of corruption. Was it not Eve that made Adam take the forbidden fruit? This painting shows the evolution of woman from mere followers towards being allowed to raise their voices.


Trees and their branches are a powerful representations of life. This study attempted to take a simple branch and place it in a colorful and swirling mass. It shows life is beautiful.


Needless to say we love shoes.


The night is long. We have been dancing for hours. And there she is. Shining like an angel. She is perfect.


The Hague is a city of water and wonder. It houses royalty and the parliament. But it is also  fragile. Water levels are rising due to global warming. What will the parliament do?


Who is she? Is she a lady? Is she a tramp? From this angle we will never know. But what we do know is that she rocks those shoes.


It is very nice to make a work for someone else.