Red shoes

Who is she? Is she a lady? Is she a tramp? From this angle we will never know. But what we do know is that she rocks those shoes.

Price: 750,- Euros incl. VAT. Delivered with wooden or metal frame of choice, ready for your wall. Free delivery in the Netherlands


  • Oil on wood
  • The length is 52 cm and the height 35,5 cm (20,5 inches by 14 inches)

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Red shoes


Every painting is different.

"In reality, the colors are even more diverse and complex. You can keep discovering endless details.''

Each work of art is uniquely designed and painted by hand with great care and attention. It is made out of emotions. Painting with oil is a technique that requires patience. These works of art are made out of high quality materials. It will last for at least a lifetime. Oil paint has a very deep and intense color experience. In real life the colors are even more diverse and intense. You can discover an endless amount of details.

It is an absolute wealth to enjoy these works of art!