Work on commission

What touches and moves you? What do you dream of? I can portray it for you in a unique work. The most beautiful things often arise together.

Paintings by mies

It is very nice to make a work for someone else.

You force yourself to think within certain frameworks. It broadens your mind.

I try to put myself in your place and understand your wishes.

It is tremendous satisfaction to make something unique that can strike a nerve.

Do you want to know more? You can always call me during working hours.

Fill in the form below. Then I will contact you. We will enter into a conversation without obligation to discover what you want. I’m trying to figure out what you’re looking for. For example:

Which artists do you admire?
Which colors do you like?
Or are you looking for work for a special space?
Are you looking for something for a special occasion?

We also look at the preconditions:

when do you want to receive the work?
Do you have a specific budget or target price in mind?

You will receive a proposal by e-mail with two or three sketches with a price tag (including delivery costs and framing). We make an appointment to discuss the proposal. Do you prefer one of the sketches? Maybe you want to adjust things or are you missing something? If you change your mind, you can also stop free of charge. We will continue with one of the sketches or I will send you a new sketch. Agreement?

I receive a 20% deposit. Good to know: a deposit does not require a purchase. You just won’t get a refund if you don’t buy the work. Yes! I can get to work. We’ll keep in touch.

When the work is done I will send you a message. Payment will follow. I do a pre-selection of matching frames. These are included in the price. We choose a frame that does justice to the painting and that suits you (your style). I am waiting for the list to be delivered. This normally takes 3-7 working days. I will send a photo of the painting including frame. I carefully pack the artwork and it will be delivered to you.

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Paintings By Mies

Work on commission

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